Sustainable approach

Let’s try to make everyday life more environmentally friendly – you don’t have to sacrifice anything for that. And the realization that it will help save the planet lifts the mood. Let’s start today!

Packaging waste

Packaging of the materials used in our production is divided into glass, plastic, paper and cardboard, metal, wood, combined and other.

Sorting of packaging waste is a way to collect materials which are still suitable for recycling. The more secondary raw materials are used, the more natural resources are saved and the less polluted is the environment.

Uncollected and unsorted waste does not disappear anywhere – it accumulates and is even several hundred years old.

Sorting must become a daily habit in every person’s life because that is the only way for us:

  • to contribute to the preservation of our own and others’ health;
  • to accumulate raw materials for the production of new products;
  • to limit deforestation, water and air pollution;
  • to reduce the amount of waste disposed of in landfills.

Sorting bins of different colours for different types of waste: yellow for plastic, green for glass, and blue for paper and cardboard packaging.