About us

The origins of the current DP Acetate company go back to 1962 when the acetate fibre production factory was built in Kaunas, Lithuania. It was and still is the only acetate yarn manufacturer in the Baltic region. Back then, all the production equipment was brought from England and foreign experts paid regular visits to Kaunas to consult their colleagues during the initial stages. A few years later, in 1965, Dirbtinis Pluoštas plant, the predecessor of the current company, acquired some French equipment and started the production of artificial fibres. Back in its heyday, the plant was the largest employer in Kaunas city, providing jobs to over 4500 locals.

After Lithuania restored its independence in 1990, the factory has gone through numerous transformations. First, it operated as a state-owned company, later the privatisation process followed and eventually, in 2013, it was acquired by its current owners.

Starting in 2015, the company invested heavily in the modernisation and optimisation of technological processes. Among the most significant investments was the modernisation of Italian twisting machines made by Ratti and Lezzeni in 2015 which allowed the company to develop a new twisted range and speed up the process.

Later in 2016, full modernisation of the Lessona spinning machines followed. A few years after that in 2018, a steam boiler room was built to optimise the technological process which was followed by a launch of a new compressor room in 2019 to modernise the management of the production equipment. The latest investment was the acquisition of power generators in 2022 to provide heating and electricity for the plant. The company plans to build a solar power unit in 2023 to reduce energy costs and become even more environmentally friendly.

All the improvements contributed significantly to the reduction of the production time and allowed making it much greener.

Through technological upgrades and market development actions DP Acetate managed to reach over 6000 tons of annual production capacity.

DP acetate product range includes a broad selection of acetate and mixed filament (with polyamide, polyester) and dope mass-dyed yarns with widely ranging parameters to meet the most diverse production needs and uses of our customers.

All acetate yarns produced by DP Acetate are certified by the Oeko Tex Standard 100 certificate proving that the products are not harmful to humans or the environment.

Customers from all of Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America rely on the high quality of our products.

DP Acetate is assuredly proud of its knowhow in acetate yarn production accumulated since 1962 and the highly skilled staff. Beyond doubt technology and people are the greatest asset we have. A few dozens of DP Acetate employees have been working for the company for several decades. We truly appreciate the know-how, loyalty and experience of the people who tirelessly accompanied us through several transformations.