Sustainable productions process

DP ACETATE production process is carefully designed with future generations in mind to ensure the lowest possible environmental impact. We only use cellulose made from sustainably sourced wood. Our production requires very low quantities of water, and we use safe solvents only which are recycled and reused to minimize the environmental impact of our production.

The process in our plant starts by dissolving cellulose acetate granules in acetone to make a cellulose acetate dope solution. Cellulose acetate granules are made by combining wood pulp with acetic acid. Wood pulp used to produce cellulose acetate granules used in our plant is made exclusively from wood sourced from sustainably managed and certified forests and plantations around the globe.

With environmental safety in mind our production was designed as a closed system where used solvent is collected and reused rather than released into the environment. Defective cellulose filament yarns are also recycled. Water that is used in the production process is treated and put back into production.

We also use dry spinning method which does not require any water in contrast to other acetate yarn spinning methods.

On top of sustainable production of acetate yarn in our plant, acetate is considered a sustainable fibre as it is fully biodegradable.