ACETATE cellulose filament yarn INTERMINGLED

The DP ACETATE celulose filament yarn  gets compact spun by intermingling acetate yarn filaments using compressed air before they are wound onto reels. The intensity of intermingling is expressed in the number of knots per one meter length of acetate yarn and differs depending on the intended use of the acetate yarn. The purpose of this process is to endow the acetate yarn and the products made from it with the required compact and special properties.

44-330 dtex intermingled acetate yarn manufactured by DP ACETATE:

  • 100% acetate high shine, matt and dyed intermingled yarn – 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 knots/m;
  • Acetate polyamide intermingled yarn ACEMIX ® – 40 knots/m;
  • Acetate polyester intermingled yarn DACPEMIX ® – 40 knots/m;
  • Special acetate intermingled yarn MIKACET ® with antibacterial characteristics– 10 or 30 knots/m.