Acetate fibre

Acetate is a synthetic man-made fibre of natural origin, obtained from a natural polymer – wood cellulose.  First of all, it is known for comfortability as it is highly breathable, soft to touch and extremely pleasant to wear almost like natural silk, cotton, wool or other natural fibres. Fabrics made of cellulose acetate are known for natural lustre, good drape, ability to hold shape, and excellent anti-static properties. Like in the production viscose, acetate yarns are made from cellulose acetate.

Acetate yarn can be easily used with other fibres. This creates endless opportunities to use acetate yarn for numerous different purposes from fashion industry to household textiles, interior decor as well as in medicine and many other areas.

Our customers are free to choose from a variety of acetate yarn parameters from linear density, number of intermingled knots, twist and colour to high shine and matt yarn, etc.


ACETATE cellulose filament yarn INTERMINGLED


  • Linear density
  • From 44 dtex ( 40 denier) up to 330 dtex (300 denier)
  • Number of intermingled knots between 10 and 40
  • Bright (high shine) or dull
ACETATE cellulose filament yarn TWISTED


  • From 95 tpm up to 2100 tpm
  • 2 twsiting directions left (s) and right (z)


  • Mass-dyed
  • Intensive resistant colors
  • A wide range of colors 150 items in already developed color list
  • Rich black color
  • Can develop new shade bassed on the inquiry

Mixed yarns

  • Acemix- poliamide mixed with acetate
  • From 61 dtex to 200 dtex
  • Intermigled or twisted up to 2100 tpm.

Use of acetate yarn

The acetate yarn is ideal for fabrics which require excellent flowing effect. Acetate yarn has a great advantage over other fibres as it can be easily mixed with other fibres. Blending with polyamide or polyester, for instance, enables to combine the strength of synthetic fibres with the beauty of the acetate yarns, thanks to which ultrafine fabrics such as crepe, Georgette and the finest tricot fabrics can be easily made. Acetate can also be combined with natural fibres: the acetate yarn in warp and weft can increase the attractiveness of silk, cotton, or wool, creating new and unexpected possibilities.

Thanks to the gloss of the fibre, it is ideal for glittery and silky fabrics, ribbons, and trimmings. When twisted, the fabric acquires interesting surface effects.

Textiles made of cellulose acetate fibre look very similar to natural silk and are almost as pleasant to touch. This is also why acetate yarn is often referred to as artificial silk. Acetate containing fabrics are usually crease-resistant and easy to care for. Water and swelling resistance makes the acetate yarn perfect for raincoat and umbrella production. Water does not affect the glimmering appearance of acetate fabrics.  Furthermore, acetate yarns are used in the production of fabrics for blouses, shirts, dresses, lining, ties, and lingerie.


The dye affinity of the acetate yarn is brilliant. Acetate containing fabrics perfectly retain colour, which is often an important factor for customers when choosing a piece of clothing or items of home décor or textiles. We can offer a wide range of colours, including black, all colours are intense and impact-resilient (in line with LST EN ISO 105).

Acetate mixed yarn

Acetate polyamide (NYLON) intermingled yarn ACEMIX

Acetate polyester intermingled yarn DACPEMIX