Acetate filament yarn has numerous advantages compared to other man-made fibres starting from its biodegradability to glossy and luxurious appearance. Adding acetate to the fabric mix allows to create comfortable, and easy-to-care-for fabrics that are soft to touch and wear, dry faster and more resistant to pilling.

Comfort is the most outstanding property of acetate as it does not only help your skin breath, but also dries fast and leaves one’s skin cool. Acetate fibre is also hypoallergenic and skin friendly, and therefore it’s comfortable and soft even to the most fragile skin.

Exceptional smooth and luxuriously glossy acetate fabrics are extremely soft on the skin and are known for their perfect drape. Fabrics made with acetate filament yarn have a beautiful lustre and are rich colour therefore it provides designers with endless opportunities to create the most alluring silhouettes. Acetate fabrics may be both lustrous as well as have a matte finish.

Garments made of acetate are relatively easy to care for, they can be machine washed, are quick drying as well as help manage unwanted odours and pilling. Most stains can also be easily removed from acetate containing fabrics which makes your garments not only beautiful but also practical.