Lining that creates a silky glide and a beautiful silhouette. The quality of the lining, which is mostly unseen,  give garments a better fit, creating the timeless elegance of a well-finished suit. It feels cool in the summer and reduces static buildup in the winter, meeting the highest level of the functional requirements of a lining.


   DP ACETATE celulose filament yarn is comfortable against the skin. The sophisticated, natural texture of this material, which is made from nature, makes the wearer feel as if they have returned to nature. It allows filament yarn to be used in various fields, from woven materials to knitted materials like jersey tricot, according to the item or purpose.
DP ACETATE celulose filament yarn, it can be combined easily with natural materials (such as cotton, linen, wool and silk) and chemical synthetic fibers (such as polyester, nylon and acrylic), enabling the creation of diverse textures. In addition, more wider variety of textures can be created with finish processing, such as fibrillation, garment dyeing & washing.
DP ACETATE celulose filament yarn has excellent moisture absorbing and releasing properties as its basic functions, which maintain a comfortable humidity level inside clothes, ensuring that the wearer feels fresh whatever the season. It also features high standard moisture regain. This makes the material highly anti-static, alleviating problems such as uncomfortable clinging and dust adhesion.
From DP ACETATE celulose yarn can bee producing taffetas, twill, satins, jacquards for the clothing industry


   With its soft feel, comfortable texture, silky shine and moisture absorbing/releasing properties, DP ACETATE celulose filament yarn has integrated itself into people's lives in all sorts of household. Luxury silky shine curtains decorates  interior of wild range properties. Decorative cushions from acetate will provide cozines for home. Velvet for walls decoration.


DP ACETATE celulose filament yarn yarns technical characteristics meet the many needs of customers in a variety of fields, from wound care and rehabilitation to sports medicine.

DP ACETATE celulose filament yarns has excelent quality to produce acetate ribbons for stitching, wrapping up gifts. Suitable for your scrapbook, bookmarks, gift cards, ribbon bows, decoration on lampshade, teddy bears, hair accessories.